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28. 3. 2014

NEW Happies Basic {element pack} by Laurie Ann

Happies Backgrounds {paper pack} by Laurie Ann at The Lilypad
Happies Journal Cards {element pack} by Laurie Ann at The Lilypad 

 and Tem{plaY}te me vol.4 by Damayanti Studio at Mscraps

25. 3. 2014

Barefoot Morning by sarahh graphics

at PBP 

and Barefoot Morning Masks by sarahh graphics at PBP

21. 3. 2014

NEW Extraordinary day by Damayanti Studio

NEW template
Lovely Day Part4 by Eudora Designs

Feel This Moment by Re Kneipp

template Full Bloom: Lilac by Sara Gleason 

7. 3. 2014

Cherry scented love letters by Sarahh Graphics

at PBP 

NEW template Lovely Day Part3 by Eudora Designs
at Mscraps and MSAD 


27. 2. 2014

NEW Lovely Day Part2 by Eudora Designs

The Love Collection - Elements by
The Love Collection - Papers by

21. 2. 2014

NEW Lovely Day Part1 by Eudora Designs

Taste of watermelon by Tinci Designs at

14. 2. 2014

NEW collab Scraptherapy by Dunia Designs and Just The Two of Us

Template Whatever by Our Misadventures at Mscraps